Yes..I’m deep into the technology world and have come here kicking and screaming.  My reasons for finally having a blog is to talk about DOGS.   I am a big part of the Fairbanks Alaska mushing and skijoring world that works with many dogs from the borough animal shelter, hoping to find forever homes for these dogs that were unwanted.

I don’t want to talk much about my life but the care of sled dogs that is intricately tied to our lifestyle.  I read too many sled dog blogs that often don’t even mention a dogs name!!  I WANT to read about the dogs….knowing the person and what they are doing in their life can be interesting…but when you are writing about dogs and sled dogs I really want to read more about the dogs, their personalities, working with their quirks and their interactions in their dog world.

We (meaning Don) are working out the kinks in this new blog program so my posts will probably be fairly short for awhile.

I really like to share pictures of dogs so that will be one of my main focuses.  Plus the care, feeding, health, and working aspects of the husky.

Thanks for reading.