ME?  Sweet little Ivan?  That is what his face always seems to say.  We had this boy here as a foster for a month before he went on to his new home in Kodiak.  Ivan got a along with every dog.  He loves to play and is full of energy and happiness.  BUT…he loved to chew!  Trees were one of his favorites.  Any tree in his freedom yard that he could get his mouth around ended up shredded into small twigs.  He also chewed the phone line on the pole after which ACS wrapped it in conduit.  A day later he chewed the plastic box off the phone lines and ACS was back again.  We put wire around the pole but Ivan left the next day.

He also LOVED to play with rocks.  big rocks.  He would roll them around the yard with his front feet then pick them up and bring them to you.  I couldn’t believe the size of rocks he could pick up and carry with his little frame.  His poor teeth.  And all of this he had energy to do on top of playing hard with 4 other dogs that were always in that yard.