Update March 12:  Honey is in foster care.  If you are interested in meeting her, ask at the front desk at the borough shelter.

Update March: Honey is back at the shelter.  This is a sweetest girl you will meet.  But she is back at the shelter because she ran off from her new home.  She is a smart girl that needs patience and a lot of exercise!

Update March: Honey was adopted.  We hope her new home works out and she gets plenty of exercise and love.

Honey is a dog that was in foster care because she had puppies after she came into the shelter.  She is now spayed and ready for an adventuresome home.  Honey is a very young girl who loves to try and escape whatever confined area she is in.  She is missing part of her right ear after she ran into another dogs circle and got bitten when not at the shelter (not her fault, I can’t see her as a mean dog at all).  She ran great.  She is very enthusiastic and a bit wild.  She loves people and other dogs.  We put her in lead after we turned around and although she is not a “line out” leader, once we go she was all business.  Honey has a great personality but needs a home where she can be very very active with her family.  She is pretty fast and just loves to pull.  Very driven.Honey2