I went running today with the 4 girls.  Headed to the pond.  Pixel always gets super excited about our outings and as I run down the road she comes back leaping high into the air and we do some sort of body slam……so I decided to be creative and avoid the body slam by spinning around each time she came running back.  So as I spun she would run on past and not slam into my chest….until about the 5th time as I spun around she slammed into the back top of my legs and took me down.  The cartoon flip off my feet, legs straight up in the air and I came down hard on my upper back and neck before the rest of my body reached the ground.  I lay there for a minute getting my bearings and slowly got up feeling some bruises.  But after I ran it off, my body felt amazing.  My usual stiff back was gone….my tight neck…released.

Not sure how I will feel tomorrow, but for no charge at all Pixel did a great adjustment.

I can hire her out for cheap if anyone is in need.